One summer evening, in between a guttiau and a sip of a ridiculously-coloured cocktail, we thought we could use a little challenge … (again).
We wondered how it would feel to bring out a varied mix of quality underground djs to this pretty corner of the world and easily agreed on deserving an early holiday. At that point, June was born.

We are a group of friends that can’t get enough music through the post and are enchanted by landscapes and fresh food. Some of us are musicians whilst others are painters, geeks, foodies or straight up visionaries. Our desire to live a stress-free life is so strong that we have managed to find this corner of the Costa Smeralda and have decided to make it ours by populating it with likeminded people and animating it with our iTunes playlist. Some times the playlist is so fresh that we only get confirm it a couple days before June starts…