record cases JUNE 2012 at Ambra Night


Shackleton (Honest Jons) / Smash TV (BPitch / Get Physical) / Axel Boman (Pampa / Studio Banhouse) / Portable (Perlon / Bodycode) / Trevino (3024 / Revolve:R) /  Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts (Circus Company / Get Physical) / Martin Dawson (Mood Music / Two Armadillos) /  Le Loup (Hold Youth / Half Baked) / Mike Shannon (Cynosure / Cityfox) / The Mole (New Canada / Cynosure) / Tolga Fidan (Vakant / Private Gold) / Cesare vs. Disorder (Serialism) /  Quenum (Cadenza / Clapper Records) / Jin Choi (Private Gold) / Alessio Mereu (Amam / Contextetior) /  Rainer (Desolat / Half Baked) / Claudio PRC (Prologue / Basstation) / Acirne (T-Bet / Basstation) / Pierre (Fuse Club) / Sven von Thülen (Get Physical / Watergate) / Sierra Sam (Serialism , Souvenir , Upon You) /  Fortsch (Watergate) / ArpXP (The June / IM:LTD) / N-Zino & Frank! (The June / Ultravioletti) / Rumba (The June)

SHACKLETON (Honest Jon’s)
A true leader of a not quite defined genre, Shackleton joins us this year to present his latest works . Be prepared only for eclecticism and improvisation, while is love for the simplest things continues to inspire us.

SMASH TV (BPitch / Get Physical)
Adding a little workout on La Cinta beach are Smash TV  with their latest Get Physical works. New merging sounds of techno and house, be ready to watch the duo shake the floor with that musical confidence that everyone needs once in a while.

AXEL BOMAN (Pampa / Studio Barnhouse)
June 2012 sees us invite Axel Boman to the party. His latest works have got us very excited as well as his impeccable quiff…

PORTABLE (Perlon / Bodycode)
Another eventful addition for this year has been Portable aka Bodycode. His nostalgic yet thumping sounds made him an irresistible temptation, so he just had to join us.

GUILLAUME AND THE COUTU DUMONTS (Circus Company / Get Physical)
We are particularly fond of Canadians and we are even fonder of talented ones like Guillaume. His solo project takes him all over the world, but San Teodoro will be like no other. His tracks reminded us of a pleasant summer breeze, so we went for it.

TREVINO (3024 / Revolve:R)
2012 has seen Trevino (aka Marcus Intalex) finally launch his alter ego that has battled to come out for many years. His love for unconventional rhythms has seen him perform across Europe as Trevino and enjoyed plays by some of the most admired DJs on the circuit. See him perform for the first time in Italy.

THE MOLE (New Kanada / Cynosure)
We got so lucky this year… The Mole tagged along with Mike and we just can’t wait to hear more of his sweet, smart and soulful stuff. The perfect soundtrack to any beach holiday…

MARTIN DAWSON (Mood Music / Two Armadillos)
He missed it last year, but boy oh boy will he make up for it this year. Martin Dawson is simply a superb artist, and just an overall top guy, happy to give anything a go. After blowing our heads off in 2010 with his live set, he has been working on yet some other magic and trickery so we are more than pleased to welcome him again this year.

SIERRA SAM (Serialism , Souvenir , Upon You)
What could a boy like Sam want more than spending a relaxing long weekend playing long smooth tracks looking out to the Sardinian coast? We wouldn’t know, but we have managed to persuade his busy schedule to take a break with us and for us.

TOLGA FIDAN (Vakant / Private Gold)
A new entry for us but hardly a gamble. Tolga Fidan is the musical proof of how well east and west work together. San Teodoro will surely alight his turkish fire…

MIKE SHANNON (Cynosure / Cityfox)
A regular on June lineups, Mike Shannon joins us again with his great sense of humour and appetite for early morning beach walks. Mike is one of those artists that quickly saw June as an opportunity to pause his frenetic lifestyle for a weekend whilst catching up with the other inspiring artists.

CLAUDIO PRC (Prologue)
Claudio is another homebred artist that has recently been a popular choice for music journalists and enthusiast. His conceptual approach to music heightens him to a different level where tracks (or songs) are meant as a whole. We await his story live…

PIERRE (Fuse Club)
Voted as one of Belgium’s best DJs and one half of output Lessizmore alongside Jessica Bossuyt, Pierre has an impressive musical CV as well as a pretty special bag of tricks with which he tours the world for FUSE.

SVEN VON THULEN (Get Physical / Watergate)
Straight from the Berlin underground, Sven arises with his punchy and synthy arrangements. Representing one of the hottest labels on the scene and one of the most legendary clubs in Berlin, Sven will surely deliver and most certainly impress. Thankfully, his knowledge has been documented in his latest book “Klang Der Familie” which will be translated into english soon.

JIN CHOI (Private Gold)
This re-booking was an easy choice. Jin really got it and almost immediately embraced the Sardinian way of life. His performances were as spontaneous as could be and as he really liked the pasta at Al Faro, then we knew he would agree to come again…

FORTSCH (Watergate)
As well as running one of the most respected clubs in Europe, this duo live to enjoy music in each others company. Having been JUNE supporters from the very start, we are very excited to hear them perform as well as having long summer evening stimulating chats.

ALESSIO MEREU (Amam / Contexterior)
Born, bred and raised in the beautiful island of Sardinia, Alessio develops an interest for music at an early age. He quickly establishes himself as forefront electronic music creator and headlines events across the world. It is a pleasure for us to invite him to his own homeland!

QUENUM (Cadenza / Clapper Records)
The latest addition to JUNE 2012, Quenum has “a resume that could kill a rainforest” but has also an infectious perspective on music and life. His sounds can add a tangle depth to your night leaving you with a June snapshot you will cherish.

LE LOUP (Half Baked)
Performing for the Half Baked day event, Le Loup encompasses the true spirit of a young Parisian music producer. With his warm, groovy and funky bits inspired by a classical Detroit techno sound, this young wolf will surely lure us in.

ACIRNE (T-Bet / Basstation)
Young and multitalented Sardinian artist , Acirne is one that has developed a taste for the naughty and environmental sounds. With live acts and performances designed to a tee, she will have something unique to show us in JUNE.

RAINER (Desolat, Half Baked)
Another young talent from the Half Baked roster joins the line up! Rainer‘s Barcelona-meets-Cally influence is most evident with his latest works with Viudez on Desolat…looking forward to see whether he will adopt some Sardinian inspirations…

CESARE vs. DISORDER (Serialism)
To begin with, we decided we loved Cesare Marchese because he’s an italian that lives in Berlin which meant he would have an explosive sense of humour and an effortless style. Then our love criteria was turned upside down when we listened to some of his tracks and really understood the essense of his artistic output. See him perform for the Hlaf Baked day showcase this year!

ARPXP (The June / IM:LTD)
Based in Sardinia, Arpxp has been, not only an artistic choice but also a personal one. He has been developing underground scenes in Italy for over a decade and is also part of the June collective. Speak to him to get your sardinian up to speed…

N-ZINO&FRANK! (The June / Ultravioletti)
Ambra Night residents and promoters of the most successful night at Ambra, Ultravioletti, this duo have the perfect musical taste for JUNE. With new releases on the horizon and more performances alongside house music institutions, N-Zino&Frank! are here to stay.

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