JUNE 2012 Line Up


This year we dug deep for months to find the perfect music for a late June weekend. After launching June in 2010 as a (em)quasi(/em) a long house party, reworking it in 2011 as an opportunity to meet new musicians, 2012 comes with more than one surprises…

Now we can proudly announce the first wave of confirmed artists for this years’ edition. Stay tuned to get to now the full line up in the next couple of days.

SMASH TV (BPitch / Get Physical) - AXEL BOMAN (Pampa / Studio Barnhouse) - PORTABLE (Perlon / Bodycode) - GUILLAUME AND THE COUTU DUMONTS  - THE MOLE (New Kanada / Cynosure) - MARTIN DAWSON (Mood Music / Two Armadillos) - TOLGA FIDAN (Vakant / Private Gold)  - MIKE SHANNON (Cynosure / Cityfox) - PIERRE (Fuse Club) - JIN CHOI (Private Gold) - ALESSIO MEREU (Amam) -  QUENUM (Cadenza / Clapper Records) - ARPXP (The June / IM:LTD) - N-ZINO&FRANK! (The June / Ultravioletti)

Check the line up page for more details.