Still uncertain about going to JUNE?

Listen to what Mike Shannon has to say about the atmosphere, music and the secret island at the JUNE festival!

Martin Dawson on JUNE: best lobster & skinny dipping

What are you working on at the moment?
100 things at once it feels like… haha. I have a deep house project called Two Armadillos with Giles Smith from Secretsundaze and we are starting our live show in July at Watergate in Berlin so we are getting ready for that, which is a lot of work. I have been busy in the studio with remixes and I have got my first solo EP coming in June just before the festival on Moodmusic plus new tracks for Pets Recordings and Hypercolour. Busy, busy, busy, but all good!

Golden Age Thinking Part 2 seems to be quite successful. It was also Beatport’s Pick Of The Week. Hwoow was it for you to collaborate with Giles Smith; you had to make a lot of compromises or was it more like a symbiosis?
I have known Giles for years and he is a very dear friend of mine. Our working relationship is definitely a symbiotic one. He has amazing taste in music, which I love and I am a massive studio geek so that works together really well.

“Repetition is the killer for me,” you said in one interview. So where did your musical path take you in 2012 so far?
Very much sticking to that idea I have been working with Catz ‘N Dogz, Glimpse and Jay Shepheard on new originals and remixes. I just finished a new album project called Different Marks which is a concept project by myself and Catz ‘N Dogz again. Then in between all of that I am working on solo material, some clubs, but a lot more alternative.

You have been to a lot of countries like Russia, Brazil, Australia, also some parts of Asia. What have Sardinia and San Teodoro that others don’t?
Well when I played for June on the first party I had one of the best lobster dishes in my life so for sure the food is good there. The beaches are very relaxing and of course on this party I will also get to hang out with lots of friends like Axel Boman & Smash TV.

Probably a lot of people don’t know that you are a passionate guitar player. Are you going to bring your guitar to the JUNE?
Haha. I am passionate about guitar music and still I buy a lot of this music. I played guitar heavily from the my 10th to 20th year, but my skills on this instrument now are more what I would call “studio ready” but definitely not live performance ready. So I won’t bring my guitar… Maybe next time.

What are you preparing for your JUNE set?
I have had a great year of live shows and I probably could say that I have got a lot better since I played at June in 2010. That’s why I am looking forward to having a good blast with lot of new and unreleased music.

Any fun stories you can share from your exploits there so far?
Well there was definitely a bit of skinny dipping after a fun night of partying there and getting pretty smashed. I think it was a private beach as well but we didn’t care.

What is your fav track of the moment?
East Everything ‘Jagged Edge’ on Pets Recordings. AMAZING!!!

What are your plans for the summer in terms of work/holidays balance?
Some fun trips to Barcelona for Sonar, Ibiza for Zoo Project, Brazil for Warung! Oh, it’s a hard life!

The latest few additions to the line up include some of the local and global scene’s most innovative artists:

SHACKLETON (Honest Jon’s) / TREVINO (3024 / Revolve:R) / SIERRA SAM (Serialism , Souvenir , Upon You) / CLAUDIO PRC (Prologue) / SVEN VON THULEN (Get Physical / Watergate) / FORTSCH (Watergate) / ACIRNE (T-Bet / Basstation)

See the full line up for more information on each of our artists and book your tickets for your long weekend in San Teodoro!

The second trailer gets even better…our friend/videographer Stevie has been staying indoors fantasizing about JUNE…

Half Baked will be hosting a day event and have proposed some of the tastiest talent around the London circuit:
LE LOUP (Half Baked) / RAINER (Desolat, Half Baked) / CESARE vs. DISORDER (Serialism)

Find out more about the Half Baked artists by reading the full line up. Plan your trip and book your tickets now!

A club night is made of many moments; colour-coordinating your socks with your bowtie, getting to the club, trying to work out what the “Invisibile” cocktail actually is and finding the most comfortable spot on the floor.

A JUNE holiday is made of that and so much more…Wolfgang has put together a short video memoir of his 2011 music-inspired break with us in San Teodoro.  Something to look back at on those rainy dull office days when you do your admin…ughhh.

Sun and Bass 2011; Beyond Clubnights from Wolfgang Höglinger on Vimeo.


A Battle of the Senses

JUNE invites you to a dreamlike location where the 3km stretch of sand gracefully unites the sea with the lagoon. Locally known as La Cinta (the belt) because of its shape, this is where it all began.
The sand is soft and white, the water is as clear as glass. You can see right to the bottom from far away, and the fine, glistening white sand makes the sea seem all the lighter in colour. Find out more about all the beaches around San Teodoro here.

Be prepared for a battle of the senses where you feel the breeze, smell the warm air and taste serenity while your ears are pleasured by JUNE music picks.

First Teaser

Catch a little taste of what we have going at JUNE. Props to our JUNE friends that have put this together with no special effects..thank you!


JUNE 2012 Line Up

This year we dug deep for months to find the perfect music for a late June weekend. After launching June in 2010 as a (em)quasi(/em) a long house party, reworking it in 2011 as an opportunity to meet new musicians, 2012 comes with more than one surprises…

Now we can proudly announce the first wave of confirmed artists for this years’ edition. Stay tuned to get to now the full line up in the next couple of days.

SMASH TV (BPitch / Get Physical) - AXEL BOMAN (Pampa / Studio Barnhouse) - PORTABLE (Perlon / Bodycode) - GUILLAUME AND THE COUTU DUMONTS  - THE MOLE (New Kanada / Cynosure) - MARTIN DAWSON (Mood Music / Two Armadillos) - TOLGA FIDAN (Vakant / Private Gold)  - MIKE SHANNON (Cynosure / Cityfox) - PIERRE (Fuse Club) - JIN CHOI (Private Gold) - ALESSIO MEREU (Amam) -  QUENUM (Cadenza / Clapper Records) - ARPXP (The June / IM:LTD) - N-ZINO&FRANK! (The June / Ultravioletti)

Check the line up page for more details. 

Starting a new re-design for anything can be at the very least daunting, but somehow we have come together over the cold winter monthes to have a think about how best to let you know about June. Thanks to all the help, feedback and on-a-friendly basis favours. Now…let June begin…